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What do you do when you want to fix up your home or buy a new piece of furniture? These days you tend to hop online and start scrolling through Google, Amazon, Target, Container Store, Home Depot or whichever website tends to pop up. There’s a lot to choose from and often too much information for an average person. All you presumably want to do is find that chair, bench, coach or any other piece at a high price.

Expo Dac home interior blog

That’s where Expo Dac comes in. I want to write creative, visually appealing blog posts that not only helps you find whatever furniture piece you’re looking for but is fun and appeals to the interior decorator side of you. We all have an interior decorator side. Somewhere during your time on this earth you’ve probably tried to decorate your house or even just a small room.

Join me as we learn and discover new furniture items in popular places such as Pinterest or as I help you find amazing DIY furniture hacks. All these types of highly visual creative blog posts you can find over at my blog. All my furniture specific guides I’ve listed for you below:

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