Space Meets Modern: 10+ Standing & Hanging Bubble Chair List For 2018 (Acrylic, Clear & More)

Green and white bubble chair with standSome call it a Ball chair, others call it a Bubble chair. I think I’ll stick to the latter since there are a few furniture pieces on the market that are created with balance balls, and that’s not what I’m after in this guide. Here I want to showcase the classic Eero Aarnio Bubble chair design from world famous Finland interior designer Eero Aarnio.

According to the Wikipedia page, the first version of this piece was produced by Eero Aarnio in the late 1960’s. Some classify it as typical industrial design. For me, it depicts a classic retro era where funky colors and round shapes were all the craze.

This guide will be a little bit shorter than others I’ve produced since limited amounts of different versions of this product exist on the market. Let’s jump in our 60’s spaceship for a trip back in time with these iconic furniture designs.

The Standing VS Hanging Bubble Chair

Since I did not manage to get as many products on the list as I usually do I decided not to break this list up into categories. If you are new, I usually try to add at least 20 products and different categories when writing a guide. With this furniture design, only two types exist which are standing (chairs that come with a stand) and hanging (items that hang from the ceiling with a chain). I’ve also added an outdoor design made from wicker and one that’s egg-shaped just because both are excellent pieces!

Please read this before continuing: To avoid any confusion keep in mind that most of these products are not made by Eero Aarnio himself. Instead, they are reproductions or replicas. If you have any doubt as to the authenticity of a product on this list please contact each seller on Amazon directly.

Tribeca Modern Eero Aarnio Space Design

This piece looks like it deserves a place in the international space station. It’s sold by Tribeca Modern and fall in the standing bubble chair category for obvious reasons.

Although maybe not as popular as its hanging counterpart the smooth white outer fiberglass rim makes it look like the most modern piece of furniture ever made.

If red is not your favorite you’ve got nothing to worry about since it comes in six different cotton padding and cushion colors. These include red, black, blue, green, orange and yellow all with the white pod.

It’s relatively big and should fit most adults. However, you can check the specifications below just to be sure.

Specifications: 31 x 42 x 43.5 inch


Tribeca Modern Hanging White

This piece from Tribeca Modern is the first hanging bubble chair on our list. As you’ll see with many of these hanging and standing furniture pieces, there are not much that separates them from each another.

However, luckily I’m into the finer details and will guide you along the way. This design has an acrylic shell, which is basically a form of plastic, and white colored seating on the inside.

The outer rim of the shell is covered in a chrome-like material and hangs from whichever area you can attach it to with a chain. The same model is also available with a silver design.

If hanging the piece seems impossible to you, you could always hire a local contractor to make sure it’s fitted to last.

Specifications: 41 x 32 x 42 inch


Fine Mod Imports With Stand Design

clear hanging chairAs most of the designs on this page, this one is created with inspiration from Eero Aarnio’s original 60’s creation, but with a stand.

The cushion as well and the stand are both a type of silver color. The outer case of the item is made of Acrylic. If you don’t want to mess around with hanging furniture this standing version is a great alternative.

This reproduction also allows the user to rotate the chair or spin around. Frankly, that’s the first thing I would do when sitting in one of these works of art. It’s only available in silver.


Modway Wicker Outdoor Suspension Series

For the sake of adding character to this guide, I’ve added this outdoor suspension series from Modway. It’s truly a set of products all on one page. This wicker bubble hanging chair comes in over 10 different types of designs and an additional number of the various colored cushions.

It’s a little less stylish than the previous Aarnio reproduction items, but since it’s made for the outdoors, it has to be more durable. For this reason, it’s manufactured with rattan that can withstand all types of weather.

The metal frame is made from a powder-coated aluminum material. Besides that, the product is water resistant. I would probably not leave the cushion outside all the time, but it’s easy enough to store it inside and take it out when you plan on using the chair.

Multiple specifications exist, so it’s best to check the Amazon product page for the exact details. Another big bonus is that it comes pre-assembled.


Fine Mod Imports FMI10152 Blue

If natural colored furniture pieces seem too boring then why not give something like this blue themed bubble a try? Like I said previously, not much separates this one from other hangings options.

However, the cushion is covered in blue fabric, the Acrylic plastic is also a type of faded blue. Not that adults can’t order one of these for themselves, but this will probably be a dream come true for a little kid if he/she got it as a present.

The product is displayed on a standalone product page on Amazon so no other colors are available for this design. However, if I’ve got a few more colorful options lined up for you.

See a similar version with a silver cushion and chrome finish here.

Specifications: 32 x 41 x 42 inch


Fine Mod Imports Egg

The product page for this hanging bubble chair does not do the product any justice. It’s not your standard round shape bubble, but instead, it’s shaped in the form of an egg.

Another category of egg chairs also exist, but that’s a guide for another time. The cushion color is designed with a metallic silver which fits the chrome chain and outer rim. Again, just silver is available on this one.


Designer Modern Standing Simplistic

I like the simplicity of this design. Sure, some will say it needs a dash of color, but for a simplistic modern design house or apartment, this could be a good fit.

The cushion including the one for the back and seat is white. The acrylic dome is transparent and for once the rim isn’t covered in chrome. It’s just transparent.

The stand, however, is covered in chrome or built with some metal it seems. They don’t specify on the product page.

Specifications: 42 x 37 x 49 inch


Designer Seating Stand Combo

Here’s a design that is a combination of hanging and standing bubble furniture. The dome itself is made of clear or transparent Acrylic, as usual.

The stand comes in a half-moon shape and is covered in a chrome type of metal. They don’t explicitly say it’s chrome, but I’m assuming it is.

The cushion inside is silver in color and made from a vinyl-like material. You might not believe it, but this furniture piece can hold a weight of 300 lbs.

Specifications: 43 x 43 x 29 inch


Modway Black

This item is very much the same as the previous one from Modway. The reasons I added it was for variety and the fact that this image does the furniture piece justice, unlike the previous one.

Simply put it’s a transparent shell with metal stand and a black seat and back cushion. What’s fabulous about this item is that it comes in a range of different cushion colors.

These include cushions in black, white, red and silver. To see the color variations remember to scroll down the product page on the Amazon listing.

It can hold a 300 lbs weight and if used correctly should be the focal point of any room as shown in this image.

Specifications: 41.5 x 31.5 x 43 inch


Fine Mod Space Egg Pod

Here’s a bubble chair I couldn’t resist adding to the list. It looks like some kind of 1960’s spaceship pod that will cocoon you away to safety.

In reality, this is called an egg chair, but just because it’s shaped like an egg doesn’t mean I can’t add it to the list. It’s sold by the same manufacturers, called Fine Mod Imports, as the first product on this guide.

It’s got a shiny white exterior and beautiful red material covering the interior with red cushions for seating. Sadly, I was not able to find it in any other fabric color than the red.

Specifications: 32 x 32 x 39 inch


Designer Modern Pink Acrylic

Here’s a chair with an acrylic shell you probably haven’t seen before. The dome is a transparent pink and comes in a variety of cushion colors. Besides this blue one, you can also get it in black, red, green, silver and white.

It’s a great alternative Eero Aarnio reproduction hanging furniture piece. The fact that so many colors are available makes it easy to match it in a room.

Specifications: 42 x 41 x 32 inch


Eero Aarnio design history

A European television show once interviewed the Finish designer about his iconic designs. If you are a big fan of this chair and his work you’ll enjoy this video:


In conclusion

It almost feels like I’m not doing these awesome bubble chairs justice by adding so few products to this list. Unfortunately, these are the only ones available on Amazon at the moment that are worth mentioning. I’ll keep on scouring the internet for other versions and improve the product list every few weeks. These chairs aren’t typically cheap and finding ones under $100 or even $200 might be hard, but they are real designer pieces.

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