The Ultimate Parsons Chairs Guide 2017: Skirted, Leather, Upholstered (20+ Items)

Parsons Chair designTo my family and me, the dining room represents the hub of the house. It’s  where we as a family come together. We eat, talk about our day and just enjoy each other’s company. It makes choosing the best set of Parsons Chairs all the more important.

Not only will these chairs be used by you and your family members, whenever you have guests over they will as well. These pieces of furniture need to be sturdy, comfortable to sit in, build to last and fit the style of your room or house. Parsons dining chairs are items that most people are willing to invest in since they will be used for many years. Usually, you don’t go and change dining room furniture every few months.

However, some of you might disagree and say that you just want affordable items in your dining room now so that you can at least sit at the dining room table. Maybe you want to invest in better quality furniture later on. That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. Whatever your reason for looking for dining room furniture I’ll have you covered in this guide. I want to make this the last, best and ultimate guide about Parsons Chairs you can find online.

I’ve created a special section where I educate you on this particular type of dining room furniture. Feel free to skip this, that’s why it’s at the end of the page. Find out what is a Parsons chair, get tips for choosing a chair to fit your room and learn about the different types available.

Skirted Parsons Chairs

Coaster Home Furnishings Traditional Design Beige

Coaster Home Furnishings brings you this classically styled beige skirted Parsons chair that comes in sets of 2. It’s a very sophisticated piece that would look great at a solid wooden table as shown in the image.

As with most skirted designs, the legs hidden behind the fabric. It also features a high back providing additional back support and comfort. The material is neatly attached to the seat frame with a nail head decorate on the furniture’s back.

The neutral color helps to easily match it with many different styles of dining room setups. If beige isn’t your cup of tea, you can see it in a dark red-brown floral pattern cover here. Keep in mind that the beige and red unit both have different specifications.

Specifications: 24.5 x 20.5 x 41.5 inch


Sloane Whitney Sardis Multi Color Item

Sloane Whitney offers a broad range of skirted dining room furniture designs in many different colors. What’s great is the fact that this chair is made by hand proudly in the US. Since it’s made by hand, it means you don’t have to assemble or pay extra money for it to be assembled.

It’s a simple design using one tone color fabric containing a firmly padded high back. It also comes with a lifetime warranty which is an added benefit none the less. Be sure to check which parts of the item is under that guarantee.

This piece of furniture is sturdy since it’s built to withstand a weight limit of 325 lbs. It’s an elegant piece that can be utilized for many rooms in your house. The fact that it comes in so many colors makes a very easy for you to match it with your home interior. I don’t  do this often, but I think it helps you in getting a mental picture, so I’ve added additional images of other available colors below.

These include red, light blue, cream, purple, orange, green, gray, dark blue, tan and teal which are all available on the same product page I’m linking to below. As far as I can tell these skirted Parsons Chairs do not come in sets of two, but in single units.

Specifications: 26 x 20 x 40 inch



Jofran Furnishings Beige

Although there is not much separating the Jofran skirted seat from Sloane Whitney’s mentioned above, I added it to the list since it comes in sets of 2.

It conforms to a traditional style of fabric covered Parsons furniture items with a high back. The chair’s frame is made from reclaimed pine wood.

According to the seller, Jofran, it gives a trendy shabby-chick look that is very popular in the furniture market at the moment.

Specifications: 21 x 29 x 40 inch


Leather Parsons Chairs

Roundhill Urban Style Furniture

Roundhill’s Urban leather furniture seems to be a big hit on Amazon. Well, at least looking at some reviews. The chair is created with what Roundhill calls black “leatherette.” It seems like some PU leather-based material.

Even though it is not genuine leather, it makes for a modern and refined design. Having this covering on your furniture also makes it easy to clean stains and dirt. The frame of the product is made from solid wood.

This item also comes in a range of 5 additional colors like the brown, white, red and a unique light blue as well as lime green. Having these seats in a bright color would make a bold statement in any room. They come standard in a set of 2 products per order.

Specifications: 21 x 16.5 x 35.5 inch


>King’s Brand Set Espresso Finish

These Leather Parsons Chairs from Kings Brand offer a slightly different look than an average dining room seat. It’s got a curved form going into the back leg of the product.

There are no patterns on the chair which provide a sleek modern look. The type of upholstery used is called faux-leather, and the legs are covered in an Espresso stain. It’s a style that is kept standard with the black and brown version as well.

Available in sets of two per order it also requires assembly as many other items in this category.

Specifications: 43.7 x 18.9 x 15 inch


Simpli Home Deluxe Tufted Cosmopolitan Set

This set of 2 furniture piece is what Simpli Home calls dramatic and luxurious black. The leather upholstery design type used is called “tufted.” You’ll see many more of these tufted chairs in the section below as well.

Although this chair is available in brown and cream, you’ll also see the fabric versions if you scroll down to the tufted section.

I’m a fan of dark furniture products. To me, they look especially good when placed in contrast with a room painted in light colors as shown in the display image. The tufted upholstery also further reinforces the modern contemporary design.

As before this piece is also covered in faux leather.

Specifications: 43.7 x 18.9 x 15 inch


XtremepowerUS Brown Wood Leatherette

Why would I add another set of chairs that look so similar to those I’ve previously posted? The answer is straightforward. Even though similarities can be found you’ll notice that each product has their little set of design elements.

This Parsons leather furniture design is no different. It’s a somewhat square shaped contemporary modern object. A very simple looking, but yet stylish seat. Some would say it’s urban furniture at it’s best.

Take a look at the black variant if brown’s not your preference. Besides using it for a dining room table, some even utilizes it in their office.

Specifications: 35.8 x 16.7 x 11 inch


Roundhill Furniture Blended Black

This black leather dining room chair from Roundhill is made from “blended leather.” If that means that it’s a combination of genuine and lower quality leather materials I’m not sure. However, I did appreciate the old and worn out look this item produces.

Another thing to take note of is the tufted design which you should know by now is a favorite of mine. The wooden legs are covered in a cherry wood finish.

Roundhill does warn that product that you receive may turn out somewhat different than the product in the image. It makes sense since this type of material seems to reflect a lot of light, something to keep in mind.

Specifications: 19 x 16 x 38.5 inch


Monsoon Pacific Milan Faux

Here’s a set of Parsons chairs I was attracted to not because of particular design or shape, but simply for its unique range of leather coloring. I can almost guarantee you won’t see many of these blue furniture pieces.

These sets of 2 faux leather chairs all contain a sleek look with black wooden legs in a pine frame. I keep wanting to say that this demonstrates an art deco or even retro design style, but I don’t want to step on any interior designer toes. Either way, it looks very stylish.

If you’re looking for really unique colors, you can try this range from Monsoon Pacific which also comes in light lime green, baby blue, orange, a dark purple, maroon red and more. These items will be ideal for adding a dash of color to a bland and boring room.

Specifications: 19 x 16 x 38.5 inch


Merax Urban Style White

Here’s an upholstered leather dining room chair with a lot of extra detail. It has a diamond shape tufted design on the back and the both sides are stitched with bronze nail heads.

The product itself has a very detailed product page on Amazon. It gives a lot of additional information that many other sellers don’t provide. You get to see many close-up images of specific areas of the seat.

The frame is created out of hard wood, and it can take a weight of 250 lbs. It’s also available in a dark brown leatherette. However, this particular version (dark brown) consists of an eye-catching tufted upholstery and does not have nail heads on the sides.

Specifications: 18.1 x 24 x 40.9 inch


Target Marketing Systems Set of 2 Bettega Furniture

The reason I added this Parsons chair from Target Marketing is that it has a unique stitching on the seat and back on of the item. It’s simply to offer additional variety to those that like pieces with not too much detail, but at least something differentiating them from plain leather items.

The chair is made from rubber wood, and PU leather is used in the upholstery. This brown version is my favorite, but it’s also possible to get these chairs in a matte black type of leatherette fabric.

Specifications: 21.2 x 17 x 37 inch


Kings Brand 4 Set

I’ll have to be completely honest and say that there isn’t much to say about this set from King’s Brand. However, it’s one of the only few items one the list that comes in a set of 4 units per order.

If you want to simplify life, then this offer is for you. These faux leather chairs come in a black and white. I might recommend this to people that are on a budget. These four items cost almost as much as some 2 set items do.

Now keep at mind prices on Amazon are always changing. However, it’s worth checking out if you are budget conscious.

*Update* It looks like this product is currently only available in white. I will update this as soon as I see any further change.

Specifications: 21 x 17 x 38 inch


Kings Brand Nail Head Trim

I’m still deciding if I like this design or not, but you have to admit it’s unique. I know I use this word a lot, but not many Parsons chairs have holes cut out on their backs with nail head trimmings around it.

Truth be told I own a few green vintage furniture pieces myself, but they don’t look nearly as great as these. The hole in the back also makes it easy to slide and pull the seat in and out of the dining room table.

You can find it in white and black. The black looks especially stylish with the bronze colored nail heads. As shown in the image, these items come in pairs of two per order.

Specifications: 18.5 x 24 x 40 inch


Modway Silhouette Modern White

The last leather Parsons item on the list might be a little odd to some. It’s got a curvaceous design where the back of the chair is not rectangular but has curves cut out of it on both sides.

The back is also made up of tufted upholstery with buttons placed in a diamond-shaped form. It contains a lot of thick foam padding on the seat and back for great comfort. To me, it screams modern design, especially this white piece.

You can get it in black and white in sets of 2 or even single units.

Specifications: 18.5 x 24 x 40 inch


Fabric Upholstered Parsons Chairs

Coaster Home Furnishings Cappuccino Set

Coaster Home brings you this elegant cappuccino colored chair that fits well with traditionally styled or wooden dining room tables. The item is made from a combination of tropical wood and is upholstered with a microfiber material.

The legs are dark brown which fits almost perfectly with the tan colored fabric. Unfortunately, this product is only available in light brown. However, that has not stopped it from gathering a bunch of reviews on Amazon.

As an added benefit, you get a one-year limited warranty. The product comes in pairs of two units.

Specifications: 20.5 x 17 x 36.8 inch


Dorel Living Linen Set

I like this light taupe/gray Parsons chair design since light colored furniture items have always been my favorite. I love the idea of a minimalist design house.

This set of 2 piece items are from Dorel Living and comes standard with dark pine wood legs. Taupe colored linen is used in the upholstery.

As you can see in the image, it’s easy to match these pieces to almost any room, but it looks especially good in a room that has a lot of white or neutral colors in it.

Specifications: 25 x 19.5 x 37.8 inch


>Merax Classic Fabric

The type of fabric used in this piece from Merax looks very similar to the previous chair from Dorel Living. However, it got added to the list since it comes in additional colors such as the green to your right, beige and gray.

As usual, you can get these in pairs of two per order. The type of wood used for the frame and legs are not specifically mentioned. However, the dark color scheme of the legs offers a nice contrast with the light green fabric of the seat.

Specifications: 35 x 17 x 20 inc


Roundhill Furniture Nailhead Fabric Design

This pair of upholstered Parsons dining room chairs from Roundhill Furniture is glamorous and design rich. The blue fabric is outlined with brass-colored nail heads all around the item.

Natural stained linen materials are used for the upholstering while the legs provide a driftwood glaze. You can also get the same design in a gray as well as tan or beige version.

On a different listing, you can find the same furniture piece with a light blue upholstered fabric here.

Roundhill Furniture Mod Urban Style Solid Wood  Padded Parson Chair (Set of 2), Blue

Specifications: 25 x 20 x 41 inch


ModHaus Modern Red Microfiber

If you’ve read any of my other articles on Expo Dac, you might have seen my restoration project where I used red suede fabric for the seat of the item, similar to this chair from ModHaus.

This particular item comes with red upholstered fabric matched with brown colored tapered legs. The richness of this furniture piece’s color is amazing and makes a big statement in any room.

If you have a boring and bland room, a pair of these items might be just what you need to shed some light. As you can see from the image, the dark red also matches great with other dark colors such as gray, black and brown.

Specifications: 25 x 20 x 41 inch


Tufted Parsons Chairs (Not leather, but with fabric)

Signature Design by Ashley Tripton

Tufted Parsons Chairs, whether made from leather or any other type of material, always feel very luxurious and stylish to me. I guess it’s the fact that the added detail in the design makes it different and unique.

This design from Ashley Furniture is no different. Although only available in the light brown or beige it demonstrates a classic tufted upholstery technique with a back that is curved and bundled headrest on the top.

The upholstery is laid out in a type of diamond shaped design with a high back.

Specifications: 27 x 20 x 43.2 inch


Simpli Home Cosmo Fabric

If you scroll back up, you should see similar chairs from Simpli Home in covered with a leather-based material. This design is almost the same. The only difference is that it’s covered with a linen based fabric tufted upholstery.

As with the leather option, each product comes in units of two per order. Different colors that you can get this product in include the light brown mocha to your right, a “dove” gray and “natural” color which is a combination of cream and white.

Specifications: 19.3 x 18.9 x 42.1 inch


Merax Lux Tufted Fabric Set

Besides this being a beautiful tufted Parsons chair, this piece of furniture from Merax is very sturdy. I say that is since it can hold a whopping weight of 300 lbs.

The fabric design is very soft and neutral, especially the beige piece to your right. What makes this product unique is the nail head trimming it has on the back. This adds a bit of extra detail to this soft-designed piece.

The chair comes in sets of 2 and also in a gray (my favorite) and green.

Specifications: 39 x 18.5 x 20 inch


Roundhill Furniture Habit Design

This fabric and design represent elegance! This tufted range from Roundhill comes with beautiful fabric, clean lines and a lot of detail.

The buttons on the back are the same color as the rest of the chair fabric making it a subtle, but elegant addition. The wooden legs are covered in a light brown finish.

The piece also contains a very comfortable looking high back and large padded cushion. Other favorite colors consist of gray and tan/white.

Specifications: 26 x 18 x 39.2 inch


Natural Tall Dining Piece

If you believe that more is better, then chances are that you won’t find a furniture piece on this list or maybe anywhere else with more tufted buttons than this one.

The Parsons Chairs manufacturer of this item went all out and covered the whole back in upholstered buttons. This two-set high back chair is actually stylish, but unfortunately only comes in white or a “natural” color as they advertise it.

Specifications: 21.9 x 28.4 x 49.2 inch


HomePop Modern 4-button Tufted Aqua

The last tufted fabric upholstered chair on the list is this one from HomePop. It’s a modern sophisticated and minimalist design. For me it’s has a minimalist feel to it since it only has four tufted buttons on the back.

Compared to the previous product I think you will agree with me. As with most on this list, it comes as a pair of two and only in teal or aqua.

The wooden legs with a dark colored finish fit the teal fabric design and look amazing in the white-themed room as shown in the image.

Specifications: 39 x 19.75 x 26.5 inch


Printed Parsons Chairs

>Merax French Design Print

This list won’t be complete without a few printed design furniture items. This one from Merax is a type of French design with words written on the seat and back of the white fabric.

The back has also nail heads attached to the frame. This piece would look awesome in a cafe or restaurant.

It only comes in the beige/white/cream design with black wooden legs. You can a similar item sold by Coresti Home over here.

Specifications: 18.1 x 24 x 40.9 inch


AVE SIX Dakota Floral

Ave Six sells these beautiful floral design pieces called “Dakota.” The piece is upholstered with a beige fabric and the wooden legs covered in an Espresso or brown type of finish.

I can see the item only comes in one product per order. I like the blue and teal combination with the beige fabric. The height of the piece is 20 inches.

The fabric used is called Avignon sky, and you can find the same type of chair in a teal and white combination design on the same product page.

Specifications: 24.5 x 19.5 x 37.5 inch


Kinfine Red /Gold Damask

I don’t believe that this pattern design
Parsons chair is the prettiest one on the list. However, it’s red, it’s got a unique design pattern, and if you have some interior decorating experience, you might just be able to pull off this look.

The upholstery color is a mix between red, gold, brown and tan chenille. The design looks like a mix between vintage and classic furniture that would probably look great in a room with a lot of natural wood colors.

It also seems that you only get one per order.

Specifications: 23 x 19 x 38 inch


Tribecca Home Floral Pattern

Here’s another floral pattern design, but this time from Tribecca Home. A lot of natural earth colors are used in the design such as the brown, mocha, beige and light blue.

If you’re living room has no patterns or consist of the same colors being used over again this one is sure to give it some character.

More great news, unlike previous products in the pattern/print category, this one is available in sets of two per order.

Specifications: 24.8 x 19 x 38 inch


Monsoon Pacific Voyage

If you like charting maps, see Voyage, campuses and the ocean maybe you’ll find a liking in this sea themed Parsons design from Monsoon.

This two pair chair set comes covered in sea theme printed materials with dark wooden finishings on the legs.

It could be the perfect pair for a holiday home or house by the sea. No additional variants are available.

Specifications: 27 x 18.5 x 39 inch


HomePop Geo Gray

You should know by now that I’m no interior designer. However, this pair is an excellent example of modern furniture design.

A straightforward and elegant gray and white fabric is used with geometric shapes covering the back and seat of the chair.

As usual, my first thought is to pair this with a white room containing a few minimalist design elements. If you have a see-through glass table, then these pieces might be a great fit since you’ll be able to see the patterns through the table.

For some reason, at the time of writing this post, there isn’t information on the chair’s dimensions. I’d urge you to contact the seller for details.

See the same design in a blue and white fabric combination. This one also has more product information.


Home Creek Moroccan Geo Pattern

These Parsons Chairs from Home Creek are very similar to the previous item from HomePop. The piece is covered in red and white modern geometric pattern.

The read fabric is not my favorite, but for the sake of variety, I’ve added it to the product list. You can also find it in gray, blue and a striking black and white combination.

Specifications: 24 x 19 x 39 inch


Additional varieties

I also plan on adding wicker as well as items with arms to the list as soon as I get the time to do so. For now out of the approximately 30 products I’ve added I hope you will be able to find a furniture set that will fit your dining room design.


What is a Parsons chair?

This type of chair is similar to many dining room products you see online today. According to an article on, the chair originated from the world famous Parsons School of Design. The first model of this widely used piece of furniture was created in the 1930’s after the designer modernized traditional furniture. He did so by literally cutting away the design elements and forms that dominated that period. In the end, the Parsons chair was created which boast of a modern simplistic frame that still rules dining room designs today.

Different types compared

Skirted: A skirted chair represents a furniture item covered in a fabric such as linen which hides the legs of the seat. Often these skirted pieces can be removed similar to slipcovers.

Leather: A leather Parsons chair is a piece of furniture covered in leather. Since genuine leather is very expensive, many manufacturers use PU leather which looks like real leather and is a lot more affordable.

Upholstered: These are furniture items that are covered with padding to make the seat more comfortable. Different types of padding can be used as well as materials to cover the seat. This can include leather, fabric, and linen. You can read more about upholstery here.

Tufted: Tufted furniture pieces represent style and value. It is an upholstery technique that allows the creator to design focus areas on the item by continuously threading the fabric through a single space. This can be implemented with cloth, leather and in different patterns. It is used in chairs, headboards, and cushions.

Wicker: This type of furniture is most commonly used for the outdoors and consist of thin pieces of bendable materials such as rattan and bamboo that are braided into fittings to form the frame of the chair.

How to choose a Parsons dining room chair for your room?

I found a video on YouTube that provides great tips for choosing the right furniture for a dining room table. Although the video is from 2014 and only recommends Ikea products, the tips are still relevant. I’ve listed the information for you here, or you can scroll down and watch the video.

Some people like bland or choosing a set of chairs that look the same; however interior designers recommend the exact opposite. These interior designers, as shown in the video, talk about using different design elements in your dining room and utilizing different styles of Parsons Chairs.

I understand that not everyone is adventurous or willing to follow this principle. I don’t even do it in my home. However, it’s worth taking the following into consideration:

Armchairs versus no arms: As you’ve probably seen on the list, there are a lot more Parsons Chairs without armrests. I prefer a chair to have arm rests however when it comes to dining room furniture you often rest your arms on the table itself. Also, a furniture item with arms can cause spatial problems. If your dining is relatively small, you wouldn’t want to lose any space with chairs that don’t fit underneath the table. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, what’s available in the market and the size of your table as well as the room.

Pairing different types of materials: The designer recommends that a metal table leg pair well with wooden chair legs. Furthermore, he also talks about glass tables that often look great with pattern based seats, especially when the table top is made from see-through glass. A great tip is to find different contrasting design elements that work together.

Making use of slipcovers: Slipcovers are easy to clean, great to use with kids and allows you to customize your dining room style relatively quickly. Parsons chair covers are interchangeable and a lot cheaper than buying a new piece of furniture. Keep an eye out for my detailed guide on covers.

Last words

Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve this guide? If so please be sure to contact me (click on “Get In Touch” on the menu). I am serious about making this the best Parsons Chairs guide online for 2017 and hopefully even beyond that. See more interior design guide here