Best Saucer Chair (Dish) Selection In 2017 – For Kids, Adults & More

It’s fun putting these guides together although they are a lot of work. I always get to discover weird, wacky and unusual furniture items like these Saucer chairs. These chairs are a lot like the Bungee chairs I reviewed a while back that you can find here.

oversized saucer chairThese Dish Chairs are comfy to sit in, especially the oversized ones and usually cost less than $100. Usually… Remember to check the price of each item yourself since they are always changing.

Unlike Bunjo’s these furniture pieces are padded with a cushion like material all around the frame making it ideal for taking a snooze or just relax. Kids and toddlers especially love to take an afternoon nap in these.

Most companies recommend them for dorm rooms, inside the house and even outdoors. I will include a few built specifically for camping and outdoors as well.

For those that want to adopt these chairs as a fashion statement, I’ll also include a few with fuzzy faux fur and exotic patterns like Zebra stripes and leopard skin.

As always I’ll try and dish out as many products I possibly can to simplify your personal search. Let’s get started!

Double & Oversized Saucer Chairs

Coaster Round-Back Swivel

I hope I don’t upset readers by adding this item to the list. Granted: it’s not one of the most traditional Dish chairs you would expect to find. While doing my research, it popped up, and I liked it so here you go!

Compared to other products you’ll see on the list this item has a chrome base and a padded seat covered in PU-leather. They call it a “leather-like” material so one can only assume… Not foldable and can move up and down. Either way, it looks amazing: trendy, modern and sleek.

Do yourself a favor I scroll through the customer photos send in by people who reviewed this product on Amazon. Some use it for their living room, for work and even as vanity furniture. Besides the white, you can also get it in black and purple.

Specifications: 26.8 x 24.8 x 32.5 inch


Blazing Needles Double Rattan Papasan

I might be going off script again, but since people are searching for double Saucer chairs, I thought I’d add this Rattan Papasan seat. In the future, I might even create another guide on these furniture items altogether. I know Rattan pieces were all the rage once since my parents and every person over 80 owns one of these.

This double Dish looks super plush and comfy. This particular product is covered in a soft cushion created in a tufted style with Polyester materials. Two people could probably fit on one of these, but if it were me, I probably wouldn’t want to share.

This two-seater is available in 9 colors including brown, burgundy, chocolate (the image to your right), forest green, pink, white, red, sage and toffee. You can also see this Rattan Papasan chair as a single seater in even more colors here.

Specifications: 78 x 58 x 6  inch


DormCo Double Folding Sofa

At least with this double Dish chair, I’m staying true to my original list intentions. This furniture item provides seating for two people, is foldable and covered in a plush gray cushion. Think of it is a saucer seat made for two.

You can see it with a pink cushion or seat here.

Specifications: 34 x 56 x 27 inch


Urban Shop Oversized Folding Moon Chair

I’m moving on to the single seat oversized Saucer chairs. Why oversized? Well, you’ll have to double check dimensions, but this furniture piece is slightly bigger than the average dish furniture. Besides that, who doesn’t like sitting on a large piece of furniture?

It comes with soft cushions that cover the whole frame, is light and easy to fold up and is available in an assortment of colors. This Khaki version seems to be trending but is also comes in black, teal, brown and blue. It’s also very easy to clean this cushion since it’s made of polyester.

Specifications: 37 x 30 x 30 inch


Zenithen Limited Hexagon Grey

This item makes me think of a sea shell that wants to eat you for breakfast. All jokes aside, it’s a one of a kind since the shape is not round but hex. That’s why it made its way to the list.

The fabric used is called Wale Corduroy and is padded all around making is super comfortable. It’s also got the usual folding options with a weight limit of 225lb.

College students seem to love this one, making it ideal for dorm rooms.

Specifications: 27.93 x 32.26 x 34.82 inch


Giantex Oversized Folding Disc Seat

Here’s another unit made from Corduroy with a few added features you’ll. It’s held up by a steel frame with plastic covered edges. I like the plastic corners since it will help prevent any markings on particular types of flooring.

The seat’s height can be adjusted which is a feature most items don’t have. You might be thinking that this furniture piece is only for winter use. However, it has a detachable design which allows you to use the base cover as well by removing the Corduroy cushion.

The base sheet is a lot less warm on your skin compared to the Corduroy cover, especially during hot summer days. What’s great is the fact that you can get this oversized adult Saucer chair with it’s added benefits for around the same price as other units.

It’s also available in a beige and orange and white combination.


Funky patterns and fuzzy faux fur items

Urban Shop Zebra Faux Fur

Within this category, you’ll find all the chairs with out of the ordinary patterns and textures. Not that I’m an interior expert, but even I know that people often add furniture items with stunning or unusual colors to make a statement in a room.

This Zebra striped seat is no different. Imagine adding this to a room with a modern design and a lot of neutral colors. It would stand out and look great!

Besides the wacky Zebra pattern, the cushion is made from a faux fur polyester combination and can fold away for simple storage.

Specifications: 27.5 x 30 x 29 inch


Rock Your Room Cheetah Faux Dish Chair

I have to confess: when I saw this cheetah patterned furniture piece, it hurt my eyes a little bit. However, my style is probably not your style. And, the guys from Rock Your Room demonstrates quite well how you can use this chair that costs you a tiny part of the price of designer items do to make a bold decorating statement.

The product is manufactured with a faux fur polyester type of material, can fold up and has the usual 225 lbs weight maximum.

I want to say that teenagers will go nuts about this cheetah print, but I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. As you can undoubtedly see from the illustration, it’s possible to make this style work even in a sophisticated room.

If you are bold enough, you can make this cheetah saucer chair work almost anywhere! You can get a similar item from Rock Your Room in a light blue, teal and white leopard pattern.

Specifications: 31.5 x 27.5 x 35 inch


Your Zone Fluffy Pink Faux Fur

This is fluffiest dish chair I’ve ever seen! If I were to sit on it, I would probably spend most of my time stroking it. My dog might even enjoy this furniture piece more than me.

Made with your run of the mill steel frame the cushion is designed with 100% polyester faux fur type of fabric. I’ve got a blanket made with a similar type of fabric, a blanket that I never want to share with anyone…

If you’re not into the pink, Your Zone has it available in black and blue as well. I’ve added the images of the both these other items for you below.

Besides the awesome fur fabric, it has a max weight of 225 lbs and can fold up like competing models.

Specifications: 27 x 35 x 31 inch


The same version in black and blue



Mainstays Pink & White Chevron Design

This product is the last item in the funky colors and pattern section for dish furniture. Mainstays offer a broad range of seating arrangements of which you’ll see a lot more further down the page.

This chair, however, is covered in Microsuede, seems to be loved by girls all around and used for anything from watching tv, to dorm rooms and studying.

I love the modern patterns! Unfortunately, there aren’t any other color variations available, so you are stuck with the white-pink design.

A product with the exact same pattern, just in black and white, is available from Mainstay furnishings as well.

Specifications: 30 x 28 x 29 inch


Normal colors and patterns

Faux-Fur Seats From Mainstay

This kid and adult Saucer chair selection from Mainstay looks very inviting and warming. It’s covered in a soft faux fur fabric and does not require any assembly upon purchase.

This cozy furniture item comes in a big assortment of colors and is very affordable. You can get it in an aqua, blue, pink and purple, red and black.

The exact same design and shape from Mainstay furniture come with a Microsuede fabric instead of the faux fur. This specific dish chair (the one with Microsuede) comes in purple, gray, brown, blue and even zebra stripes.

Both types can hold a weight of 225 lbs.

You can also get the faux fur gray, blue and red in a two-pack here.

Specifications: 30 x 28 x 29 inch


Urban Shop Microsuede Furniture

There is nothing special about this Microsuede dish chair. However, sometimes one does not have to buy a piece of furniture because it’s special. It can also be just what you need in an uncomplicated color that you like.

That’s exactly why I opted to add this seat to the list. It’s simple, functional and has all the usual functions these affordable chairs have.

It’s got quite a few reviews on Amazon which is good if you’re looking to get another buyer’s opinion. A navy blue version is also a good option. I can imagine the navy version fitting right in at a beach house.

Specifications: 27.5 x 30 x 29 inch


Specifically for camping and outdoors

KingCamp Moon Camper

Here’s a Saucer chair that’s built for the outdoors. KingCamp recommends that it be used for camping, out on the boat or just about anywhere else outside.

It’s got a few added benefits some of the previous products don’t have that a camper might find useful. These pros include having a bag attached to the back that’s ideal for storing items like books, mobile phones, flashlights or whatever.

It also folds up effortlessly and fits into a bag that you can strap over the shoulder for easy carrying. The seat itself is padded making it not just functional, but comfy to sit in as well. It’s got a sturdy build which can hold a weight of around 260 lbs.

It’s got a staggering amount of reviews, so chances are, if you haven’t already, that you’ll get all your product questions answered with ease. Besides the bright blue it’s also available in a lime green and red.


CORE Equipment Padded Dish Furniture

This will be the last Dish chair in the camping section. The reason being that most of these seats look very much the same and I feel that most people are looking for items like I’ve listed above. Please contact me if you’d like me to add more of them, but for now, this will be it.

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with this product. I wouldn’t add it if I didn’t find it noteworthy. Besides all the cool camping benefits like a stuffed seat, metal frame and a carry bag, this chair from CORE Equipment come with a few extras.

The head rest is a big plus. I can tell you that if you go camping with this one, your kids will probably be arguing all weekend who can sit in your super comfy seat. It’s got a cup holder that I feel every piece of camping furniture needs.

A huge advantage, however, is the fact that it can hold a whopping 300 lbs! I think it must be the strongest on this list. All this for the current price it’s at is not a bad deal.

It’s also marketed as being oversized and for an adult that’s never a bad thing.

Specifications: 37 x 34 x 35 inch


Best Saucer Chairs For Kids 2017For kids, toddlers, and babies

I’ve decided to do the kid and toddler saucer chair section a little bit different compared to all the previous listed products. Instead of writing quite a lot as usual about every single dish seat I’ve tried something else. I opted to create a table containing 12 of the most reviewed products in this category for both boys and girls.

The table is easy to use and consists of the brand, character or television show, an image of each furniture item, short description, and specifications. You’ll be glad to see that the list contains all the popular Disney and Nickelodeon characters such as Minnie Mouse, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Cars, Star Wars and more. As a parent, I’m sure you don’t want to spend hours listening to me ramble on so here it is!

Best Saucer Chairs For Kids 2017

In conclusion

I don’t think you can find a list of this size anywhere else on the internet. If you do, please let me know and I will purposefully increase this list. I hope you’ve found whatever style of Dish or Saucer chair you were looking for. I’m sure both adults and kids will love the selection. I wouldn’t mind getting my hand on some of those super double oversized ones soon! For more interior and furniture reviews, lists and guides visit