House Hunting With Jim Parsons From Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons

When thinking of celebrities and home improvement, a new word comes to mind: Bazinga! More specifically, it is the actor who made that word famous and who has entertained us for a decade now on the unstoppable hit series Big Bang Theory. Unlike his awkward and pragmatic character Sheldon Cooper, actor Jim Parsons is a sophisticated urbanite with an eye for great architecture.

Parsons’ first celebrity home of note was a beautiful Spanish Revival model in Loz Feliz, California, which he bought for in 2014 for $6.375million from Twilight actor Rob Pattinson, even before selling his nearby “starter home,” at a substantial loss, for $1.575 million. His second property, known as the Seyler House and built in the 1920s, had been owned by some big showbiz names including Tim Curry, Noah Wylie, cinematographer Robert Richardson, and director Robert Luketic.

Its 2,827 square feet was laid out as an open-concept living space, with all the standard luxuries, plus a natural amphitheater. The villa fully presented an understated opulence paired with the ruggedness that comes from perching on the steep Loz Feliz hillsides.

Jim Parsons’ homes in New York (More than one)

However, it’s on the other side of the country, in New York City, that Parson’s flair for home improvement shines. In July 2011, Jim Parsons, and his partner Todd Spiewak purchased a comparatively small, 908 square foot, two-bedroom condo in a building next to Gramercy Park, in the Manhattan enclave also named Gramercy, just next door to the East Village as this is important ever for some people.

Properties in Manhattan are notorious for being pricey on a world-class scale, but even so, with the considerable buying power of a leading actor whose net worth was quickly climbing towards $100 million, this seemed like a small property. That’s until he bought the one next door as well.

The second property is larger, at 1,280 square feet, and two, yes, two bathrooms! It would appear to anyone watching that soon, a couple of walls might get knocked through to create a larger unit within this old and beautiful gothic building.

According to the entertainment magazine Variety, Parsons and Spiewak then proceeded to purchase the small penthouses above this joint property, to create an apartment of 3,119 square feet for a total purchase price of $8.356 million.

In stark comparison to the soft lines and earthy colors of his first and second Loz Feliz mansions, the Gramercy properties reflect a more buttoned-down urban townhouse vibe. The layout is intimate and unassuming, and the purchase comes with keys to Gramercy Park, a locked, and comparatively small park occupying half a city block. The streets around it are all one-way, and there is not a front yard or driveway to be seen.

Part of the magic of home improvement in Manhattan is to create beautiful properties inside the cramped and sharply defined spaces of this crowded city, while not giving away too much on the façade.

For Jim Parsons’ home improvement vision, this seems to reflect what the rest of us are seeing in the gradual emotional blossoming of the rigid scientist, Sheldon Cooper.

If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan here’s a funny bloopers video:

Would you believe a chair was named after this actor? It’s called the Parsons chair that you can see here: Just kidding! It’s actually named after a famous design school.