The Lean Chair Kickstarter Project Review

The 21st-century office space has several things in common, some of which are seats, desks, and employees sitting at these chairs for extended periods of time on any given day. While this has become the norm and somewhat of a habit for many professionals, research has shown that sitting down for extended periods of time is one of the worst things you could do to your body. While the obvious solution to sitting is to stop sitting by getting a standing desk, most of them are comfortable for only a short period, forcing a user to go back to sitting.

This is where LeanChair comes in and solves the problem. It is an ingenious invention that gives you the convenience of working while standing and enjoying maximum comfort. In this article, I’ll show you what LeanChair is and how it came to be.

History and creation

This product is an invention by Wayne Yeager, a software developer who after reading the effects of sitting for extended periods of time, came up with the idea of a standing seat which offers comfort to the user in a way that traditional standing desks do not. Although Yeager had initially meant for the LeanChair to be a platform for which he could use his standing desk, he later incorporated a permanent desk into the design making it unique.

Here’s a video of Yeager demonstration this piece of office furniture:

LeanChair features:

  • The industrial-strength frame that is sturdy and can support people of all sizes comfortably without buckling under their weight.
  • The frame has been fashioned in a reclining angle to make it more comfortable.
  • It contains a comfortable backrest.
  • It includes an optional free swing-arm work surface.

You can expect the following benefits:

  • The seat’s inclined frame and backrest make it very comfortable for use over extended periods of time.
  • The backrest and desk surface height can be adjusted to suit a user’s height preference.
  • The desk surface is made of the anti-slip material to keep your laptops or any other equipment from slipping off the surface.
  • There is also a smooth surface for items such as your mouse.

It also has a few negative points (like most products):

Although this furniture piece comes with a sleuth of features that easily make it the best option for office furniture, it still has a disadvantage.

  • Given that it is too bulky to be shipped in one piece, it has to be assembled once delivered which can have some degree of difficulty.

Pledging on

Wayne Yeager launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his dream to start producing the LeanChair on a commercial basis. The campaign which was launched in 12th June 2015, ended up raising a total of $100,367.

The following contribution options exist:

  • Pledge $5 or more: this pledge got one access to updates and public acknowledgment on their website.
  • Pledge $25 or more: making this pledge got one a t-shirt, bumper sticker, website recognition and a twitter shout out.
  • Pledge $225 or more: with this pledge, one got a LeanChair platform delivered to the backer in any part of the world. This commitment excluded the swing-arm desk.
  • Pledge $295 or more: backers pledging this amount got a complete LeanChair workstation with a choice of standard upholstery colors.
  • Pledge $395 or more: a backer who pledged this amount got one limited edition custom made LeanChair workstation with a choice of custom upholstery, colors, and material used.
  • Pledge $1,225: a backer who pledged this amount got five complete LeanChair workstations.
  • Pledge $2,450: this pledge got one ten complete LeanChair workstations.

Find out more about this project on here.

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