Getting into Lingerie Chests and learning the ins and outs

I’m a guy and have no interest with Lingerie chests apart from the furniture and design element. Lately, I realized that the market for these pieces of furniture is huge! It’s self-explanatory really. Women need somewhere to organize and store their lingerie. There’s nothing weird about it; it’s just the way it is. Besides that, every new girl comes to age and graduate to young adults with a bigger and wider appetite for lingerie and with it the chests probably as well.

lingerie chest blog post image

To prepare for writing another monster guide on this type of furniture is decided to create this short blog post as a prelude to the handbook. What I did was find two YouTube videos I liked and wrote commentary about it. I’ve included the videos as well.

The first video is product demonstration from the classic furniture brand called Hooker furniture. The name might not sound elegant, but their products cost top dollar and are of very high quality. Here the salesman demonstrates a new lingerie chest they developed that will surely set them apart from the rest of the market. This is a brand new piece of furniture from Hooker Furniture’s is set to be added to their Kingston collection is a multi-functional piece.

Besides serving as a standard lingerie dresser and having about seven typical drawers by the looks of it the chest is put on a swivel that allows the product to spin around. On the back of the item is a mirror and we all know that women use mirrors ten times more than guy do, so this is a great added benefit. Once you’ve turned it around to a certain point, the chest will lock and set into place.

Apart from storing lingerie in this heigh-end cabinet, owners can also easily use some of the drawers for everyday items or even their jewelry.

You can find Hooker Furniture’s lingerie dresser range of products here.

If antique furniture is more your thing, this product that is sold by a local dealer is perfect for you. It has a little bit of wear and tear but comes with a lot of character as an antique product deserves.

I’ll let you know when the guide is ready!