I Want A Saucer Tree Swing!

Kids these days are blessed with their endless list of toys available for them to play with. Here’s a one of a kind saucer swing for example to your right that proves my point very clearly.

I remember back in my day when I also had one outside; things were a lot different. You would usually use a piece of wood for the seat or an old tire. We had none of these high-tech saucer swings around back then. If I remember correctly, mine was made from wood with relatively thin ropes. I was constantly reminded not to go too hard at it or it might break.

Let’s get back to the product. It’s called the Giant 40 inch Saucer Tree Swing. Frankly, I’m thinking of getting one of these myself. There I go again, the little kid in me wants to show his face.

The saucer swing is made with weatherproof fabric so you can hang it outside without worrying that it will break or fade away. If it rains it might gather up some water so you might need to dry it before using it afterward. It also comes with industrial strength rope that is meant to hold quite a lot of weight. In the product image, mom is shown sitting on tit with her little daughter.

Some of you might be thinking that you don’t have a tree to hang this item. It makes me reflect on a previous post where I mentioned a few hanging trampoline chairs. A lot of those chairs where attached indoors as well. Essentially you could do the same with this saucer swing if finding a suitable tree is an issue. It would look great in an outside lounge area with a roof on top – perfect for lazy days.

This is yet again one of those products that, if you have more than one kid, you probably would need to buy more than one. Getting back to the load it can take, manufacturers indicate that it’s able to hold 250 lbs. It’s very much the same weight as most of the saucer chairs I’ve reviewed.

Besides this swing made mostly from weather resistant fabric and rope, I’ve also seen some people create similar ones that look like bungee chairs. For these swings, they simply used bungee cords for the base. I don’t think that will be as weather resistant as the Giant saucer, but you could give it a go.

Here’s an honest review from a kid. It doesn’t get any more real than this:

Here’s a platform swing made especially for kids. It’s got handles on two sides making it easy for them to turn it back and forth. Unfortunately, they don’t tell you exactly how to build it. However, it’s great to look at and take some inspiration from if you’ve been considering starting similar projects. I think the fact that it’s not that high from ground level is a great idea, especially if you’re going to put your toddler on it.