What is a Captain’s Bed? Everything You Need To Know

A captain’s bed is a type of bed design that comes with storage compartments and drawers into its structure. You can find it in homes that have a limited amount of space.

It helps to eliminate the requirement for drawers or storage compartments that take up space in a room. It can also be used together with a variety of interior design plans.

Several companies design and manufacture this type of bed, and it is also possible for one to be custom made from scratch to attain various special requirements or to make use of a modular kit to build this type of bed from a variety of elements that fit together.

In this article, we’ll go over some interesting design elements, modern day usage and history regarding this furniture piece.


twin captain's bed in a ship made from wood in trundle style

As its name suggests, the captain’s bed design idea came from the beds which were mostly on board ships. The bed itself was initially built into the wall of a boat mainly in the captain’s cabin. Space is significant on a ship, and a standalone bed would be very unrealistic.

Therefore, the bed was built with the aim of maximizing the amount of space available.

The captain’s bed went on to be designed as a built-in for ships to provide additional safety and stability while also making the best out of the space available.

Modern Day Usage

In a standard home or building, this type of bed can be a standalone or a built-in. Built-ins can be very stable and are well suited for some types of specific designs, but they have less workability when it arranges a room. For example, it can be beneficial to have a built-in captain’s bed in a secluded room at a studio.

In a home that is large, a standalone bed that can be transported from one place to another may be better suited as it can allow individuals to organize a bedroom however they want.

Design and Features

The shelving and drawers that are designed underneath the bed may vary between different models. Some can feature storage compartments that enclose the platform, roll-out storage, standard shelving, or bins while others will have a basic drawer design.

Some models may also feature illuminated storage that makes it easier to view the contents of the storage compartments and the foot end, or the head end can also have storage built into it.

In a built-in twin captain’s bed, the bed itself can be wholly enclosed with storage and shelving. Another type of this conventional bed can feature a trundle that can be slid under the bed when it is not in use.

Who Can Benefit From It?

The captain’s bed is usually designed to be very solid and reliable while at the same time remaining practical As said above, the captain’s bed is commonly seen in homes that have limited space. It can also be suitable for people with a large body mass who may not feel completely safe on frame beds and is also beneficial for people who live in areas that are prone to earthquakes.

The option to make changes to the bed’s design for specific needs can allow users to add several useful features like a concealed safe or a shoe bin.